N1C recognized as Vision Award winner

N1C Vision Award, NFMT, Facilitienet.ComN1 Critical Technologies was among the first winners of the inaugural Vision Awards, sponsored by  FacilitiesNet.com.

The Janesville, Wisconsin-based creator of lithium-ion uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems was honored for innovation and excellence in developing products that contribute to the efficient and profitable operations and management of institutional and commercial buildings in the United States.

N1 Critical Technologies was the first company to launch a full lineup of UPS systems that used state-of-the-art, internal lithium-ion batteries for backing up critical electronic systems in the event of a power failure.

N1C has world-class single phase products ranging from 1kVA to 10kVA, which provide significantly longer ‘on battery’ runtime, up to 15 years battery life and an industry-best 10-year replacement warranty. It is the only company offering online double conversion UPS systems that protect against all nine power problems.

The L2000NB and L2000GNB models are the only UPS systems in the North American market that use external lithium-ion battery modules for extra long runtime. Such a system can power 1800 watts on one battery for more than 60 minutes. By comparison, a similarly sized UPS from a leading competitor would need four external batteries and take up 150 percent more space.

The company was also the first in the industry to have an internal lithium-ion battery in a three-phase UPS. N1C has two such models, a 20kVA and a 30kVA, perfect for small operations that need facility-wide backup power.

Lithium-ion batteries are proven to be more efficient and longer lasting than lead acid batteries commonly used in UPS systems. N1C customers can also realize a lower total cost of ownership as the long-life lithium-ion battery will not need replacing every 3-5 years as is common in lead acid systems.

“We’re thrilled with the award and have known since our products first came into the market place that they were the best UPS device available,” said Nate Ellsworth, co-founder and CEO. “Nobody else in the power protection industry can match what we do and offer the same advantages we have in our state-of-the-art products.”

Ellsworth and other N1C staffers will attend the National Facilities Management and Technology Conference in Orlando Nov. 13-14 to accept the award and display its products in the exposition hall (stop by booth #918) The NFMT Orlando conference is a showcase of new products and technologies in the facilities management world. It is expected to draw more than 1,000 attendees representing companies from around the globe.

N1C’s Lithium-ion UPS systems are sold factory direct through N1C, and through a growing number of distribution and reselling partners across the United States and in Canada.


About the Vision Awards

The Vision Awards recognized products, systems and technologies in 10 categories: Exteriors, FM Building Services/Tools, Grounds, HVAC, Interiors, Life Safety & Security, Lighting, Power, Plumbing and Smart Buildings Technology.

2019 Vision Award Winners

  • Exteriors: Progressive Materials, Rehau, SageGlass
  • FM Building Services/Tools: Monnit Corp. Pure Air Control Services; Inc., QA Graphics
  • Grounds: Hog Technologies, JLG Industries, New Pig
  • HVAC: DriSteem, Navien; Inc., SolX Energy
  • Interiors: Construction Specialties, JLG Industries, Karndean Designflooring
  • Life Safety: Monnit Corp., Ruskin, Tripp Lite
  • Lighting: Espen Technology, Flex Lighting Solutions, Hubbell Lighting
  • Plumbing: Navien; Inc., Zurn Industries, RectorSeal
  • Power: N1 Critical Technologies Inc. (N1C), Nextek Power Systems; Inc., Tripp Lite
  • Smart Buildings/IoT/Software: Berk-Tek, Dude Solutions, Johnson Controls

“We were extremely pleased with the quality and quantity of entries we received,” said Dan Hounsell, editor-in-chief of Facility Maintenance Decisions magazine. “This reinforces the fact that FM manufacturers are on the cutting edge of innovation. The product technologies that go into operating an efficient building are incredible. I’m glad that we can shine a spotlight on some of these products.”

More than 115 products entered this year’s Vision Awards program. The entries were judged by an independent panel of seven facilities executives: Mike Blackerby, Director of Operations, Camden County (Georgia) Schools; Jose Garcia; General Manager of Operations and Engineering, Albuquerque Convention Center; Mark L. Hummel; P.E., Assistant Director of Utilities, University of Notre Dame; Samir Patel, Director of Operations and Maintenance, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Brendan Robinson, P.E., Director of Facilities and Operations, Under Armour Real Estate Group;, Richard Steiger, Manager of Facilities Management, Orange County, Fla. Government; and Christopher Walinski, Building Operations Manager, Munich Reinsurance America.

About Trade Press Media Group
Trade Press Media Group, a Forum Media Group company, is a premier business-to-business media firm serving the information, media and marketing needs of the facilities, commercial cleaning and railroad industries. The company provides building management intelligence and insight to 230,000 facilities professionals with Building Operating Management and Facility Maintenance Decisions magazines and FacilitiesNet.com. Facilities professionals rely on these products to help manage and operate their buildings at peak efficiency. Trade Press also produces, high-profile events including NFMT, NFMT Orlando, NFMT Vegas, Critical Facilities Summit and the Clean Buildings Expo. To learn more, visit tradepress.com.

Tale of the Tape – Comparing VRLA to Lithium-Ion Batteries

TALE OF THE TAPE: Comparing the use of VRLA (lead-acid) batteries to Lithium-Ion batteries in Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems. (*Spoiler Alert: There really is no comparing them… Lithium-Ion wins this battle hands down!)

Server Room with Technician

N1 Critical is your large-cabinet lithium-ion UPS specialist

Server Room with TechnicianWith decades of combined experience, N1C Technologies offers designing industrial UPS systems, UPS systems for server rooms, commercial UPS systems and whole-building UPS systems with lithium-ion batteries.

N1C Technologies has a large client list that depends on an uninterruptible power supply system, including data centers, hospitals, universities, manufacturing facilities, call centers, server rooms, server closets and more. Apart from being a go-to source for the entire range of industrial UPS system and commercial UPS system equipment, N1C staff are specialists in closing the gap between the articulated needs of IT experts and the economic constraints of efficiently operating a business.

“We can show you how to meet the technical parameters desired by your IT professionals in the most cost-effective manner, using the UPS products and systems that will give the most robust uninterruptible power supply solution at the fair price,” said Jeff Hansing, vice president of sales. “The average lifespan of a VRLA battery is 4-6 years in ideal conditions while lithium-ion battery lifespan is 10-15 years in nearly all conditions, thus, reducing the burden and cost of downtime and maintenance.”

Lithium-ion batteries do not use lead in their products. There are many other “green” benefits of lithium-ion, which includes battery cells requiring less charging time and power, fewer replacements and less energy to produce and transport.

A wider operational temperature range leads to reduced cooling requirements. Lithium-ion batteries also smaller and offer about a two-thirds reduction in weight, offering the installation flexibility and space savings needed by many IT departments.

“Our large-cabinet Lithium-Ion solutions, paired with the leading Eaton high-power, three-phase UPS systems offer plenty of performance enhancements that can also lead to lower total cost of ownership,” Hansing said. “If you’ve got critical systems that require a reliable, powerful battery backup, then it’s time to consider joining the world’s best UPS systems with Lithium-ion battery power.”

The energy-efficient EATON POWER XPERT 9395 Lithium UPS is designed to provide a high-quality power backup system with scalable battery runtimes for large mission-critical applications.

Paired with high-quality lithium-ion battery cabinets from Samsung the 9395 is perfect for data centers, healthcare applications, multi-tenant data centers, light industry and other critical systems..



About N1C Technologies

Lithium-Ion UPS systems have been shown to deliver a 10-30% lower total cost of ownership over a long lifespan of a system, giving customers financial advantages in just a few years. N1C Technologies is so sure in their single-phase lithium-ion UPS systems that they’ve backed them with a 10-year, limited lifetime replacement warranty on the battery and electronics. N1C was the first to offer a full lineup of single-phase lithium-ion UPS, including:

N1C.L1000 (1kVA, 110-120V)
N1C.L2000 (2kVA, 110-120V)
N1C.L2200 (2.2kVA, 110-120V, extended runtime)
N1C.L3000 (3kVA, 110-120V)

N1C.L2000G (2kVA, 208/220/230/240V)
N1C.L2200G (2.2kVA, 208/220/230/240V, extended runtime)
N1C.L3000G (3kVA, 208/220/230/240V


Contacts Details:

2949 Venture Drive, Dock 190

Janesville, WI 53546

Sales: (855) 208-0011

Service: (877) 226-3311


4 Effective Tactics in Improving the Efficiency of Your Data Center

Monitor. Manage, Protect. Remote Control. Find out four practical ways to improve the electrical efficiency of your data center.

Study outlines benefits of Lithium-Ion batteries in UPS systems

Others are beginning to notice the benefits of using Lithium-Ion batteries in UPS systems, just like we make here at N1 Critical. We were the first to pioneer it in North America and one analyst believes the technology will replace lead-acid UPS systems in the near future. Check out the a summary of the benefits of our N1C systems here!

Lithium Ion UPS Systems

Large or small projects, N1C does them all with lithium-ion UPS solutions

Lithium Ion UPS Systems

Lithium-Ion UPS Systems, from top: Eaton 5P 1550GR-L (1550VA), N1C L-Series UPS (1-3kVA), Samsung Lithium-Ion Three-Phase Battery Cabinet.

Designers and developers of commercial and industrial buildings now have longer-lasting backup power solutions available from N1 Critical Technologies that are suitable for the whole building or select mission critical equipment.

N1 Critical Technologies sales engineers specialize in designing, installing and maintaining uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems using the latest, powerful, long-lasting lithium-ion batteries from several manufacturers.

The company’s technical advisors have access to the very best UPS makes and models available (from Eaton, GE and others) and come with more than 40 years of combined experience in developing industrial UPS systems, commercial UPS systems, UPS systems for server rooms, and whole-building UPS systems.

In addition to designing and installing large-scale, three-phase lithium-ion UPS systems, N1C was the first U.S. company to manufacture and offer a full line of single-phase lithium-based UPS systems for smaller applications, such as server racks, network closets and point-of-sale systems.

Whether needs are high power for a building-wide application, or low power for several pieces of critical equipment, the lithium-ion batteries used in N1C-branded and other designed systems have tremendous benefits.

They offer more energy capacity in a significantly smaller space, are lighter and come with a smaller carbon footprint than traditional lead acid UPS systems. Perhaps most importantly, lithium-ion batteries have both a longer shelf life and a longer backup runtime, which lowers overall cost of ownership for the UPS and powers and protects connected equipment for longer durations during power outages.

“As a team, we have an intimate knowledge of the specifications, capabilities, and service histories of the entire range of lithium-ion UPS products and systems available in the market,” said company co-founder and CEO Nate Ellsworth. “We leverage our practical experience and expertise when designing high-quality power backup systems to give customers the longest lasting, most affordable option available that will save them money, time and hassle over the long run.

“You will find our own single-phase UPS systems and large-scale lithium-ion UPS systems we designed in facilities of all types and sizes. People are starting to realize the many benefits of lithium-ion battery technology and we’re at the forefront of the shift in the marketplace toward the technology. N1C is truly disrupting the uninterruptible power supply industry.”

Clientele for N1 Critical has included data centers, financial institutions, medical clinics, hospitals, office complexes, call centers, telecom centers, universities, school systems, television and radio stations, marine shipboard applications and many others.

“As experts, we help you in bridging the gap between the articulated needs of your IT professionals and the economic constraints of efficiently running your business,” Ellsworth said. “We do this by advising you on how you can meet and even exceed the technical requirements that IT professionals desire and we do it most cost-effectively. Lithium-ion may cost a little more up front, but when you see the savings in money, maintenance and power saving over time, it becomes a no-brainer to make the switch to lithium-ion UPS systems.”

In the ideal conditions, the average life span of a lead acid UPS battery is 4-6 years. In comparison, the lifespan of lithium-ion battery is 10-15 years, and they can withstand even harsher operating environments without performance degradation.

That means less cooling requirements and fewer batter replacements over the life of the unit, reducing the burden of downtime and maintenance.

Lithium-ion batteries can also handle more than 1,000 discharges and recharges, more than triple what a lead acid battery can handle. A lighter and smaller battery also makes installation easier and versatile. Some customers may even regain valuable space in their server room or data closet with significantly smaller lithium-ion battery cabinets.

No matter your power needs, N1 Critical Technologies can design a Lithium-Ion Uninterruptible Power Supply solution for you!


Contact Information

Call For A Free Quote: 855-208-0011

Shop Online at lithium-ion-ups.com/shop or email us at sales@n1critical.com

For service, call: 877-226-3311


Lithium-Ion UPS Battery Stock

Key Benefits of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion UPS Battery StockLithium-Ion batteries are seemingly everywhere these days. They are because their chemical makeup makes them practical and preferable for many purposes, from watches and phones to medical devices, to uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems made by N1 Critical Technologies.

But what makes Li-ion batteries preferable? It’s their characteristics.

Key Characteristics of Li-ion Batteries

Below are a couple of key points that make Lithium-Ion batteries the leading choice for UPS system batteries.

  • Lifespan: This is really the most important thing about a battery. Batteries should be designed for maximum life before needing to be replaced. The longer it can last without having to be replaced, the better, as it lowers maintenance costs and thus, lowers the total cost of ownership. N1 Critical’s UPS batteries have a 15-year design life and are backed by a 10-year warranty.
  • Space: Li-ion batteries have a higher power density and can store a larger amount of energy in a smaller space when compared to other battery chemistries. N1C’s Lithium-Ion batteries have over 5 times the energy density and take up about 1/3 the space of a valve-regulated lead acid based battery solution that delivers the same power. This means more power in the same or smaller footprint.
  • Weight: Lithium is the lightest metal on the periodic table of the elements, thus, the metals inside of Li-Ion batteries is markedly lighter than other batteries of the same energy capacity or voltage. Ultimately, this can make transportation, installation and storage much easier.
  • Safety: As with any other electronic device, safety is also a priority when using lithium-ion in UPS system. N1 Critical uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), which is shown to have good thermal stability, enhanced safety and tolerance if abused vs. other types of lithium-ion chemistries, according to BatteryUniversity.com. Lithium iron is also more tolerant to full charge conditions and is less stressed than other lithium-ion systems if kept at high voltage for a prolonged time.
  • Recharge Cycles: With any rechargeable battery, there will come a day where it will no longer hold or accept a charge. Fortunately, that day comes much further along with a lithium-ion battery, which can handle 1000+ battery charges and discharges. They also have a longer “shelf life” and will be charge-able again if dormant for long periods whereas lead batteries need more frequent charging maintenance.
  • Temperature Tolerant: Lithium-ion batteries operate in a wider range of temperatures than lead acid or other battery chemistries. N1C’s UPS units can withstand working temperatures 32ºF to 140 ̊F. Where VRLA battery life is reduced by half for every 10 ̊F over 71ºF, Li-Ion battery life and performance is largely unaffected. This can lead to reduced cooling costs for rooms that house critical components connected to the UPS.


Put it all together: Lithium-Ion is THE Ideal Chemistry for UPS Systems

When we talk about UPS systems, we are talking about something that is heavily dependent on batteries. It’s important to keep connected critical components protected during power outages, surges, sags and other battery problems. Now, you can have full protection for longer, with less temperature requirements, less weight, less maintenance, less cost with greater lifespan and recharge cycles with a lithium-ion-based UPS system from N1 Critical technologies.

Systems are in stock and available to order now! 

Shop Now

Story Behind Our New HQ Grand Opening Fundraiser

Matt Winter and his mom Rene.

N1 Critical Technologies will host its new headquarters grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony from 4-8 p.m., Thursday, July 19. But it won’t be any ordinary ribbon cutting. We’re also hosting a Casino Night Fundraiser for an amazing cause. Here’s the story of why we’re doing what we’re doing…


Homebound or hospitalized kids will keep connected by using remote control robots in their schools

Matt Winter was just 13 when he lost his battle with Ewing’s sarcoma, a very rare type of cancerous tumor that grows in bones and surrounding soft tissues.

Diagnosed in May 2014, Matt won the first round of 22 chemotherapy treatments, but had his entire Tibia removed. That’s where the cancer had started.

He was a year into remission when the cancer had come back. It was May 2017, the end of his 7th grade year. Doctors gave him two weeks. He fought hard, and battled the spreading cancer until he passed Nov. 12, 2017.

Matt never got the chance to make it into the 8th grade at JC McKenna Middle School in Evansville. He was bedridden. In a hospital. Far from friends. Isolated. Feeling alone.

“He lost touch with a lot of kids, a lot of his friends, when he was sick,” said his mom Rene Wieloch.

Telepresence Robot

After Matt passed, Max Ellsworth, one of his best friends — one he never lost touch with — had an idea. Max’s dad Nate, the CEO of N1 Critical Technologies, had bought a web-remote-controlled Telepresence robot to drive around the office and have fun “peeking” in on his co-workers down the hall.

Max said that if his buddy Matt had one of the mobile robots, he could have still experienced school, at least by seeing and conversing with his friends, classmates and teachers via two-way video conferencing on the robot’s attached iPad.

“Matt was really into technology,” Rene said. “He would have loved that.”

Nate quickly realized Max was onto something.

“It was a great idea, and I knew students could get much more practical use out of the robot than I ever could around the office,” Nate Ellsworth, the company’s co-founder, said. “There is so much value in allowing homebound students to be able to connect with their classmates and teachers and at least have some sense of normalcy during difficult situations.”

The robot soon found new life at Edison Middle School in Janesville, where it is intended to serve homebound students in the same way Matt would have enjoyed if he had the chance. (See story about the donation in the Janesville Gazette.)

N1C’s Casino Night Fundraiser will support the purchase of additional telepresence robots to be donated to area schools in Matt’s name.

“When he was undergoing chemo, he was really homesick. The robot would have been very beneficial to him to be at the hospital to be able to keep up with his friends and his schoolwork,” Rene said.

Donations made by grand opening attendees who are playing the casino games or buying raffle tickets outright will support schools and support kids going through the toughest of times with the hopes of making their situations and their lives a little bit better.

Proceeds will also support the newly-created Winter’s Soldier Foundation, which was set up by Matt’s mom, Rene Wieloch. The Winter’s Soldier Foundation supports the purchase of technology — movies, videogames, computers, etc. — for homebound or hospitalized students so they can have something to remain engaged and entertained while receiving treatments.

The grand opening, ribbon cutting, and fundraiser is a Forward Janesville Business After 5 event. For full event details, click here.