N1 Critical is your large-cabinet lithium-ion UPS specialist

Server Room with TechnicianWith decades of combined experience, N1C Technologies offers designing industrial UPS systems, UPS systems for server rooms, commercial UPS systems and whole-building UPS systems with lithium-ion batteries.

N1C Technologies has a large client list that depends on an uninterruptible power supply system, including data centers, hospitals, universities, manufacturing facilities, call centers, server rooms, server closets and more. Apart from being a go-to source for the entire range of industrial UPS system and commercial UPS system equipment, N1C staff are specialists in closing the gap between the articulated needs of IT experts and the economic constraints of efficiently operating a business.

“We can show you how to meet the technical parameters desired by your IT professionals in the most cost-effective manner, using the UPS products and systems that will give the most robust uninterruptible power supply solution at the fair price,” said Jeff Hansing, vice president of sales. “The average lifespan of a VRLA battery is 4-6 years in ideal conditions while lithium-ion battery lifespan is 10-15 years in nearly all conditions, thus, reducing the burden and cost of downtime and maintenance.”

Lithium-ion batteries do not use lead in their products. There are many other “green” benefits of lithium-ion, which includes battery cells requiring less charging time and power, fewer replacements and less energy to produce and transport.

A wider operational temperature range leads to reduced cooling requirements. Lithium-ion batteries also smaller and offer about a two-thirds reduction in weight, offering the installation flexibility and space savings needed by many IT departments.

“Our large-cabinet Lithium-Ion solutions, paired with the leading Eaton high-power, three-phase UPS systems offer plenty of performance enhancements that can also lead to lower total cost of ownership,” Hansing said. “If you’ve got critical systems that require a reliable, powerful battery backup, then it’s time to consider joining the world’s best UPS systems with Lithium-ion battery power.”

The energy-efficient EATON POWER XPERT 9395 Lithium UPS is designed to provide a high-quality power backup system with scalable battery runtimes for large mission-critical applications.

Paired with high-quality lithium-ion battery cabinets from Samsung the 9395 is perfect for data centers, healthcare applications, multi-tenant data centers, light industry and other critical systems..



About N1C Technologies

Lithium-Ion UPS systems have been shown to deliver a 10-30% lower total cost of ownership over a long lifespan of a system, giving customers financial advantages in just a few years. N1C Technologies is so sure in their single-phase lithium-ion UPS systems that they’ve backed them with a 10-year, limited lifetime replacement warranty on the battery and electronics. N1C was the first to offer a full lineup of single-phase lithium-ion UPS, including:

N1C.L1000 (1kVA, 110-120V)
N1C.L2000 (2kVA, 110-120V)
N1C.L2200 (2.2kVA, 110-120V, extended runtime)
N1C.L3000 (3kVA, 110-120V)

N1C.L2000G (2kVA, 208/220/230/240V)
N1C.L2200G (2.2kVA, 208/220/230/240V, extended runtime)
N1C.L3000G (3kVA, 208/220/230/240V


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