N1C L-Series UPS (front)

There are many different types of lithium-ion battery chemistries available in the market. We utilize a combination of lithium iron phosphate that creates a stable and safe battery for UPS applications. This type of chemistry does not create oxygen as an off-put should there be a thermal event, virtually eliminating the harsh igniting potential of some lithium-ion battery chemistries.

  • Lithium phosphate battery chemistry is stable and safe
  • Battery management system (BMS) actively monitors temperature and charge conditions
  • Save money on battery replacement costs
  • Shift your refresh cycle to be in line with your IT equipment
  • 2-3X longer life allows you to set it and forget it
  • 6X faster charge improves recovery

Main Features:

  • Online Double Conversion
  • Rack and Tower Convertible
  • High Input Power Factor
  • Wide Input Voltage range
  • Compact and light-weight
  • Full Protection Function &Automatic Bypass
  • Intelligent Ethernet Communication Port
  • UPS Management Software included
  • SNMP and USB communications included, or Dry Contact (optional)
  • External Battery Bank model (2KVA), Tower Housing, Rack Rails Included

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Life Span

The average life span of a VRLA battery is 4-6 years in ideal conditions. N1C Li-Ion battery life span is 10-15 year in nearly all conditions. Long life
batteries reduce the burden and cost of down time and maintenance.

High Power Density

Lithium Ion batteries have over 5 times the Energy density and take up about 1/3 the space of a VRLA based solution that delivers the same power. This means more power in the same or smaller footprint.

Charge and Recharge Efficiency

N1C Lithium Ion batteries can be charged/ discharged over 1000 times versus 200-400 charges/ discharges for standard VRLA batteries. N1C Lithium UPS units include built in chargers capable of 1-hour recharge times, compared to 4-10 hour recharge times of VRLA battery UPS systems.

Smaller Footprint

A smaller footprint translates to reduced cooling requirements as well as about a two thirds reduction in weight. This offers the installation flexibility needed by many IT departments.

Environmentally Friendly

Other than the obvious, that Lithium Ion batteries do not use Lead, there are many other “green” benefits to Lithium. Lithium batteries require less charging time and power, need to be replaced less often, and take less energy to produce and transport.

Heat Tolerant

Li-Series UPS units can withstand working temperatures up to 140 ̊F. Where VRLA battery life is reduced by half for every 10 ̊F, Li-Ion battery life is unaffected.

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