JUST ARRIVED – 3-Phase Lithium-Ion UPS

Get in on the ground floor and take your UPS system to new heights with N1 Critical Technologies all new NE-Series 3-Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply.


Initially featuring two power levels — 20 kVA and 30 kVA — in 208 Volt input/output power, these 3-phase units feature longer run times than traditional lead-acid UPS models offered by other manufacturers.

Compact and durable, both models offer online double-conversion, 8 to 13 minutes of runtime at 100% load with internal batteries. The NE-Series can also be parallel connected for additional runtime or N+1 redundancy.

A full-color LCD display puts you in full control of your state-of-the-art UPS. Integrated intelligent Battery Management System and Fan Control System come standard.

Lithium-Ion on-board batteries also feature:

  • Safe and stable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry
  • Battery management system (BMS) actively monitors temperature and charge cycles
  • Money savings by reducing battery replacements
  • 2-3X longer life allows you to set it and forget it
  • 6X faster charge improves recovery

Main Features:

  • 208V 3-phase
  • Parallel Capable for Capacity or N+1 Redundancy
  • Manual Maintenance Bypass Design
  • Standard EPO and DC Startup Functions
  • Online Double Conversion
  • High Input Power Factor
  • Wide Input Voltage range
  • Full Protection Function & Automatic Bypass
  • UPS Management Software
  • RS232/RS485 and Dry Contact ports (standard), SNMP (optional)