N1C L-Series XL-Series Lithium-Ion UPS System Rack and Tower Mount

Lithium Ion Ups System: A Great Alternative

Everyone’s always on the look out for something better, either to make our lives efficient or a lot more convenient. Whichever side you’re on, if you’re looking for a lost-cost solution that checks all the boxes on your UPS wish list, you’ve come to the right spot.

You’ll be amazed to know that Lithium-Ion UPS rack-mount and tower-mount systems like ours (check out the 1-3 kVA L-Series 208/230V) or the 6-10 kVA XL-Series) work as a brilliant battery replacement for antiquated uninterruptible power supply systems.

Why opt for such battery replacements?

With more than twice the battery life in comparison to the aforementioned antiquated lead-acid UPS systems, you know that you’ll see a return on your investment when purchasing a Lithium-Ion UPS system. Our batteries have a 15-year design life and 10-year replacement warranty. Lead-acid systems need regular maintenance and replacement after about 4-5 years.

What makes Lithium Ion UPS Systems so special?

Unlike lead acid batteries, Li-Ion batteries work in the harshest conditions. They are less sensitive to high temperatures, giving you more flexibility for installation. There’s also opportunities for cost-savings by not having to install or configure HVAC systems to the degree you would need to with lead-acid batteries. A few other benefits include: you could expect to be dealing with little weight and a longer replacement cycle. The shelf life of the battery could go up to a good eight years and you could also expect to charge up the battery from a zero to a ninety percent within four-hours.

Our Lithium-Ion UPS Systems also offer the following features:

Life-Cycle: Lithium-Ion batteries have a longer life cycle than lead acid, leading to fewer replacements and less maintenance.

Safety: Our battery packs offer an on-board management system. This helps scan its charging cycle, battery life and temperature. The battery chemistry is also Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LifePo4), which is the safest of lithium-ion battery chemistries.

Flexibility and Efficiency: Expect a faster recharge time (up to 6x vs. lead batteries) with a better runtime.

Installation: With lighter weight, you can mount our systems conveniently in IT racks or as towers, leading to quicker deployment.

Performance: With little maintenance and longer lifespan, Lithium-Ion UPS Systems allow you more-or-less ‘set it and forget it.’

Warranty: If you invest in our systems, you get a limited lifetime warranty on electronic components and a 10-year warranty on the Lithium-Ion battery pack.

Environmentally friendly: You’ll simply be doing nature a favor by making an investment in this battery pack; less mining and less waste as it relates to the batteries.

Interface: With an exciting, interactive graphical LCD interface, you are able to view your power and load consumption, as well as customize various UPS settings.

Included Options: SNMP network cards come standard with our UPS systems. We also include rail kits for mounting on IT-racks, and feet to use the UPS as a tower-mount system.

Integration: Our UPS systems come with a powerful software suite, allowing you to monitor and manage up to 1,000 connected UPS devices on the network.


Get your new UPS system through a trusted source — direct from the manufacturer and our online store: https://lithium-ion-ups.com/shop