N1C Technologies, Inc Sells Lithium Ion UPS Systems

N1C Technologies, Inc is an enterprise that leverages its hands-on capability designing exceptional uninterrupted power supply and power backup systems with their extensive familiarity of the specifications, capabilities, and service histories of the comprehensive range of UPS products and systems offered to customers. Their clients include call centers, server rooms, medical clinics, and hospitals, data centers, financial institutions, and telecom centers as they heavily rely on an uninterruptible power supply.

The Head of Sales and Marketing said, “We offer the 3KVA Lithium-Ion UPS, and it is compact and lightweight. Some of its main features include rack and tower configurations, online double conversions, high input power factor, wide input voltage range, S232, EPO, USB, and SNMP network card, and full protection function & automatic bypass. Other features included in the 3KVA Lithium-Ion UPS are UPS IPM management software and tower housing and rack mounting, and 11 minutes of run time at 100% load. This Lithium-Ion system can be used in computer rooms, data centers, point-of-sale equipment, router, commercial facilities as well as the precision instrument.”

N1C Technologies, Inc sells the N1C L60 (350VA). Its lithium batteries offer protection for up to eight years and 2000 discharges. The N1C L60 (350VA) has an advanced design that pools the advantages of lithium-powered UPS and innovative surge restriction technology.  Its wall mounting, slim form dynamic, and stress-free access receptacles make it perfect for mounting behind thin display screens found in commercial facilities including hospitals, restaurants, campuses, hospitals, and airports among others.  Further, the L60’s compact design makes suitable for protecting kiosks, computers, point-of-sale equipment, small printers, and gaming machines.

The Head of  Marketing said, “We sell the Eaton 5P 1550GR-L. This Lithium-Ion UPS lets you customize UPS settings, monitor load and power intake using the graphical interactive LCD screen interface and it is entirely compatible with Intelligent Power Software Suite for continuous uptime of servers and web-based machines. The Eaton 5P 1550GR-L has a more compact footprint in comparison to the entry 5P model, complete flexibility with two-post, four-post and wall-mount varieties and compatibility with all current enclosures accessible on the marketplace. Pluses of this Lithium-Ion UPS are that it lengthens battery service lifespan by 50% with ABM Technology and shields you with a three-year warranty, which includes the battery.”

N1C Technologies, Inc offers the N1C NA,  a server network cabinet. The N1C NA has a classic model and a disassembled structure for easier transportation. It also has tempered glass front door with advanced spring lock and steel rear door with small round lock as well as removable side panels with side latches that are easy to install. Cable entry on this server network cabinet is accessed from both the top and bottom making it easy to manage cables. Other features on the N1C NA are adjustable castors and feet that are available simultaneously and an S-shaped mounting profile that make backward and forward movement easy.

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N1C Technologies, Inc is an enterprise that offers lithium-ion uninterruptible power supply battery solutions.

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