The updates available on this page are for customers who have already registered their N1C Lithium-Ion UPS products. To get the software for your UPS system, register it here. You will be provided with the download links after your registration.

Download software and firmware updates below.


Product Description Date Download
WiseWay GUI Firmware Update:

  • After updating firmware, WiseWay allows for battery runtime and state of charge estimates after battery calibration.
  • To calibrate:
    1. Charge your UPS for 6+ hours by keeping it plugged into a steady AC power source.
    2. In the WiseWay GUI “Settings and Control –> UPS Setting” menu, set “Enable Battery Management” to “Yes.”
    3. Enter “13.50” For Single Battery Full Charge Voltage.
    4. Enter “10.50” for Single Battery End of Discharge Voltage.
    5. Attach a ***non-critical*** load to the UPS that uses at least 20% of the UPS’s maximum wattage.
    6. non-critical load is a device or devices that can tolerate a sudden removal of power.
    7. The max wattage of your UPS can be determined by multiplying the model number * 0.9 (Example, the L1000 would be 1,000*0.9=900 watts).
    8. Remove AC power from the UPS by unplugging from outlet. This will have the UPS power the attached non-critical load/devices on battery power.
    9. Allow the UPS to power connected devices and let the battery to completely exhaust itself.
    10. ****UPS will shut down and the attached load will lose power. PLEASE ONLY USE NON-CRITICAL EQUIPMENT THAT WILL NOT BE DAMAGED BY A SUDDEN POWER OUTAGE****
    11.  After battery exhaustion, re-apply AC power to UPS by plugging it back in to an outlet. Press the | button on front of the UPS to turn on (so it is supplying voltage to the connected load) (UPS may turn on fully after re-applying AC power).
    12. Allow UPS to recharge for 6 hours.
    13. Repeat steps 5-12 two additional times.
    14. The UPS “Learns” runtimes and state of charge values as the battery is discharged fully and recharged fully.
    15. Do not initiate calibration discharges until the battery is fully charged.
Nov. 28, 2018 For pre-existing firmware that starts KC502A


For pre-existing firmware that starts KC502S

(*NOTE: Regardless of your pre-installation firmware number, successful installation will result in firmware being updated to KC502A_V1.01.00.01875.

You may have to log out of your GUI and refresh your browser page several times to see the firmware number update to above.)

WiseWay GUI Firmware Update:

  • Minor graphical changes to some previous firmware versions.
  • Access to the UPS via Telnet has been disabled for added security.
  • Fixed bug to allow use of a “period” in email addresses set to receive warnings from the UPS (on battery, low voltage, over temperature, etc.).
  • Fixed bug to allow setting a static IP address for specific user logins.
Aug. 24, 2018 WiseWay - Aug 2018